Eduardo Kac

Edunia Seed Pack

Eduardo Kac  Edunia Seed Pack, Alternate Projects


Superb garden performance!
The Edunia is a plantimal. Take good care of it and it will reward you with joy and companionship. The Edunia is a genetically-engineered flower that is a hybrid of myself and Petunia. The Edunia flower expresses my DNA exclusively in its red veins. A prolific bloomer, the Edunia is free flowering in the garden and weather tolerant. It is an annual that will grow ten to forteen inches (25-30 cm) high with 4-inch red-veined wavy-edged blossoms. Good timing and uniformity in flowering guaranteed!______Eduardo Kac

In anticipation of a future in which Edunias can be distributed socially and planted everywhere, Kac created a limited edition of Edunia seed packs containing actual Edunia seeds. Held closed with embedded magnets, the viewer is invited to open these packs like books. In the text printed in the Edunia Seed Packs, in addition to Growing Notes Kac provides information about sun exposure and bloom time for the Edunia.  

Collection Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis.