Allan Kaprow

Mock-up for Echo-logy

Allan Kaprow, mock-up for Echo-logy, Alternate Projects


‚ÄčAllan Kaprow (1927-2006) was an American painter and assemblagist who is recognized for establishing the concepts of performance art. For Kaprow, Happenings were unique events that just happened. They had no structure and there was no distinction between the performers and the audience. Through Happenings the separation between life, art, artist, and audience is blurred.

Echo-logy photo-documents a Kaprow per­formance piece carried out by Kaprow and others at a stream in Far Hill, New Jer­sey. The performance centered on natural processes- the movement of wind, water, and sound, and the human interaction with them.

In the 1970s, after a move to New York City from Italy, Ana Canepa became a pioneer in promoting video and performance art through the representation of Allan Kaprow, Dennis Oppenheim and Eleanor Antin among other important video and performance artists of the time.

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