Yoko Ono and John Lennon

V TRE Fluxus Newspaper, No. 8 (9). John Yoko & Flux

Yoko Ono and John Lennon, V TRE Fluxus Newspaper, No. 8 (9). John Yoko & Flux

Yoko Ono and John Lennon 

V TRE Fluxus Newspaper, No. 8 (9). John Yoko & Flux, 1970

tabloid, folio, softcover, 4 pp, folding, printed on heavy white stock, on both sides; 123 numbered photos, keyed to the insert, published by Fluxus, New York, first edition 
21.1/2h x 17 1/8w in



The ninth issue of the Fluxus newspaper. “These temporarily replaced the yearboxes as a faster means of propagandizing the movement and distributing new works; resulted in 9 issues, plus 2 after Maciunas’s death. Each issue is different in content and intent, variously including scores, pieces and ads for Fluxus works, posters for Fluxus concerts, and photo-reportage of past performances” (Phillpot/Hendricks).”‘Fluxus Newspaper No. 9’ (misnumbered 8) consists entirely of photographs by Peter Moore, with a 2-page insert identifying the contents” (Henricks). These include “Fluxfest Presentation of John Lennon & Yoko Ono +...” at 80 Wooster St., New York, 1970; “Flux-Mass” at Douglass College, February 17, 1970; “Flux-Sports” at Douglass College, and “New Years Eve’s Flux-fest”, 80 Wooster St., New York, December 31, 1969. Also detailed on the insert are: “Tickets by John Lennon + Fluxtours,” offering “Unauthorized tickets to visit famous people” (such as Lauren Bacall and James Stewart), a round-trip ticket to Goose Bay, Labrador (John Lennon, $168) and a one-way ticket to Siberia (George Maciunas, $800) and other excursions; “Measure” by John & Yoko + “Fluxdoctors”; “Blue Room” by John & Yoko +“Fluxliars”;  “Portrait of John Lennon as a Young Cloud by Yoko Ono & Every Participant”; and other pieces.

$ 700