Yoko Ono


Yoko Ono  Fly, SIGNED, Alternate Projects

Yoko Ono 
Fly, 1996
complete limited edition exhibition catalogue from Yoko Ono’s 1996 exhibition at the Anderson Gallery with objects: 2 stones wrapped in white tissue paper with text titled Cleaning Piece ‘96; 2 acorns each wrapped printed text titled Wish Piece ‘96; 20 pp pamphlet titled Fly; 5 black and white postcards
7 1/4h x 7 1/4w x 1d in
18.42h x 18.42w x 2.54d cm
1 out of 100 SIGNED copies from the limited edition of 1,000 unnumbered copies

Yoko Ono, Fly, SIGNED, Alternate Projects