Peter Saul


Peter Saul, Allan Frumkin exhibition catalogue, signed, Alternate Projects

Peter Saul
Untitled, ca. 1978
UNIQUE SIGNED drawing with a dedication on the title page of an Allan Frumkin exhibition catalogue. Framed under UV plexi.
11 ¾ x 11 ¾ in framed


Peter Saul is an American painter whose work has connections with Pop Art, Surrealism, and Expressionism. Influenced by the cartoonish style of MAD Magazine, his paintings are genre-defying satirical depictions of popular culture and political history. Their lurid colors and lush forms are captivating foils for his nightmarish content. 

Allan Frumkin (1927–2002) was an American art dealer with galleries in Chicago and New York City, both of which he opened in the 1950s and closed in 1995. Always on the edge by showing difficult, offensive, or visually complex work, Frumkin and his galleries existed as a beacon for artists like Peter Saul who defied established tastes.

Loose catalogue pages are attached to the back side of the frame. Some ink underlining in the catalogue.

$ 450