Hudinilson Jr.


Hudinilson Jr., Movimento de Arte Pornô, xerography,

Hudinilson Jr.
Movimento de Arte Pornô

EROS X, 3 agosto 1980
8 loose xeroxed sheets + envelope with artist stamp of the title, artist’s name, locale and date
4 42/127h x 6 113/127w in
11h x 17.50w cm


Hudinilson Jr.’s medium of choice was xerography. Often titled “Exercise in seeing myself,” Hudinilson Jr. created nearly abstract multi-pieced xeroxed compositions, enlargements and reductions of his own body. These were often sent out as mail art. 

Hudinilson Jr. (1957-2013) is considered one of the most important Brazilian artists of his generation. He was a leading member of the Movimento de Arte Pornô, having participated in the very first collective publication, the zine Gang 1 (1980) and every subsequent publication thereafter.  He was one of the signatories of the manifesto and made the cover art for Eduardo Kac’s first poetry book, Nabunada Não Vaidinha?, which is now in the collection of the Museum of Modern of Art (New York).

Hudinilson Jr.’s work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), Migros Museum (Zurich), MAGA Museo d’Arte (Gallarate, Italy), MALBA (Buenos Aires), MASP (São Paulo), Pinacoteca do Estado (São Paulo) and the USP Museum of Contemporary Art (São Paulo), among others.