Eduardo Kac


Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyphs, Alternate Projects
Eduardo Kac (1962-)
porcelain with one side green and the other side black
6h x 6w x 1 1/2d in
20/30 AP
Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyphs, Alternate Projects
Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyphs, Alternate Projects


The Lagoglyphs (a rabbitographic form of writing) series stands as the counterpoint to the barrage of discourses generated through, with, and around Kac’s “GFP Bunny.”

signed and numbered

The "GFP Bunny" is a transgenic artwork that comprises the creation of a green fluorescent rabbit ("Alba"), the public dialogue generated by the project, and the social integration of the rabbit. While every past civilization has conceived and celebrated numerous imaginary creatures, never before Alba has an artist imagined a living mammal and then proceeded to make it a reality. Employing molecular biology, Kac combined jellyfish and rabbit DNA to produce a bunny that glows green under blue light. Kac’s art is based on the literal creation of new biological life. Kac explains that transgenic art must be created "with great care and with a commitment to respect, nurture, and love the life thus created." The global resonance of "GFP Bunny" has led Kac to develop a series of works in a variety of media, including drawing, photography, print, painting, sculpture, animation, and digital media.