Donald Lipski

Bell Chalice

Donald Lipski, Bell Chalice, Alternate Projects


includes an Edition Documentation sheet, also signed by the artist, the piece’s original label from the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio exhibition, and an instruction sheet

initialed, stamped and numbered on the bottom of the chalice
condition is good with some tarnishing

Published by the Verdin Company for the Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio on the occasion of the exhibition: Donald Lipski: The Bells, November 15, 1991 through February 1, 1992, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati. Lipski worked with the Verdin Bell Company, the nation’s oldest and largest maker of bells. Using over a hundred bells, from tiny hand-bells to large cast bronze carillon bells, he created four mechanized sculptures which together play a 30-minute composition by film composer Brad Fiedel.

“Mr. Lipski is known for combining recognizable objects into new entities, and the four sculptures here, installed in the building’s cavernous top-floor gallery, are no exception. In one, a large bronze bell, about 5 feet tall, is covered, as if with barnacles, by a few dozen hand bells. In another, titled “Leaves of Grass,” two tall white steeples are used end to end and arranged in a see-saw configuration that suggests the hands of a clock. The third is a group of seven life-sized but disembodied nuns, possessed of faceless wimples and medium-sized bells where their torsos should be [with purple shrouds draped over each of them]. And the fourth is a jail cell, some of whose bars are bar chimes.”_______Roberta Smith, Art Review,  January 8, 1993

$ 500