Diskussiemap Vrijheids School, Black Panther Party, Black Panther Solidarity

Dutch promotional material

Black Panther Party, Free Angela, Black Panther Solidarity, Alternate Projects


Diskussiemap Vrijheids School (Freedom School Discussion folder), Black Panther Party, Black Panther Solidarity Dutch promotional material, ca early 1970s
1- Paper folder with printed cover, 18 loose double-sided mimeographed pages + 1 single sided page with black on white image of Angela Davis (head shot) and the words “Angela VRIGJ!” (Free Angela!); 1- stapled magazine, 15 double-sided mimeographed pages; 1- mimeographed card stock page with 2 punched holes, Dutch, English.
13 1/2h x 9w in / 34.29h x 22.86w cm

$ 1,200.00

By the early 1970s, the Panthers had chapters across the United States as well as an international section headquartered in Algeria and support groups and emulators as far afield as England, India, New Zealand, Israel, and Sweden. The international section served as an official embassy for the BPP and a beacon for American revolutionaries abroad, attracting figures ranging from Black Power skyjackers to fugitive LSD guru Timothy Leary. Engaging directly with the expanding Cold War, BPP representatives cultivated alliances with the governments of Cuba, North Korea, China, North Vietnam, and the People’s Republic of the Congo as well as European and Japanese militant groups and the Palestinian Liberation Organization.