Buster Cleveland

Untitled (Lucky Strike/Try me)

Buster Cleveland, Alternate Projects

Buster Cleveland (1943-1998)
Untitled (Lucky Strike/Try me), 1983
UNIQUE handmade mail art card: double-sided, front- collage on board: cigarette paper, foil, sticker, stamps, magazine clippings; back- rubber stampings, paint, marker, USPS stamps, postmarks.
7h x 11w in
17.78h x 27.94w cm


Buster Cleveland is most known for his mail art series, ART FOR UM created from 1992 to 1998. In the 1970s Cleveland was closely aligned with the Mendocino Area Dadaists (M.A.D.) and the Bay Area Dadaists (B.A.D), California organizations of artists whose intent was to recreate the ephemeral works of early European Dadaists like Kurt Schwitters and Marcel Duchamp. Cleveland was co-director of two international Dada conferences, Inter-Dada 80 and Inter-Dada 84 and he wore a ''Dada'' tattoo.

$ 800