Various Artists


Sue Williams, Byron Kim, Paul Ramirez, Elaine Tin-Nyo, Fred Tomaselli, Polly Apfelbaum), Chuck Agro, David C. Scher, Candy Ass, Marilyn Minter, Janine Antoni, Kathe Burkhart, Alternate Projects


Artist multiple conceived by Elaine Tin-Nyo and produced by Four Walls Slide and Film Club, Brooklyn, New York as a fund raiser for the gallery. Housed in two boxes simply titled “1” and “2,” each box holds 6 artist-designed candies.   

Candies include Elaine Tin-Nyo’s string of beads cast from white chocolate, Fred Tomaselli’s all-inclusive “He She” bar, a Hershey Bar, with a few letters removed; Polly Apfelbaum’s own “Polly” bar, a symbol of her passion for chocolate; Candy Ass' empty wrappers

$ 1,200