Dolores ​Rodrigues

“Poesia Pornô: Liberta, aberta e honesta”

Movimento de Arte Pornô, Dolores ​Rodrigues, ArteManha, Eduardo Kac, Alternate Projects

Dolores ​Rodrigues  
Movimento de Arte Pornô
“Poesia Pornô: Liberta, aberta e honesta”, ArteManha, Rio de Janeiro, p 8
Janeiro-Fevereiro, 1982
complete page of the newspaper
14h x 11 1/8w in
35.56h x 28.26w cm


This full-page article was published in the underground tabloid ArteManha. Although her name does not appear with the article, Dolores Rodrigues confirms she is the author.

“Poesia Pornô” features the Manifesto Pornô and the sole publication of a photo showing Movimento de Arte Pornô members in front of a banner proclaiming “The square belongs to the people,” the ironing board used by members to sell Movimento de Arte Pornô publications and the awarded trophy, Oscaralho. Additionally, the article contains information on how to order Antologia do Poema Pornô.